I got the most interesting email yesterday that stated:” men need advice too.” Fellas, this one is for you.

First off, love your women. LOVE and adore them! Give them no room to even the second guess how you feel. Shower them in adoration. If you want her to respect you. To treat you like a king. To support you. You must first do the same to her. Men are meant to lead and protect their families. So if your women are not following, if she’s not looking at you like you are a snack then you are doing something wrong. And let me tell you a secret. Women not only love it when you look and dress good, but they also love it when you talk like a mature man. They love it when you lead and take charge in a way that makes sense. I know many of your lives have been so different. But you have a different person now and you cannot love and treat all women the same. Each is different. They are all attracted to different things, but a man with a mature appeal that cares and adores his woman never goes out of style.

Listen to her daily. Do little things to show her you care. Rub her feet, make her dinner, watch a chic flic with her. Simple things send a big message. That’s how her affection grows, her security, her respect for you. It sounds simple enough because it is. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. I promise you it’s a game-changer.

Take it from a woman. And check out these lyrics below!

“Let me let you in on a secret

How to treat a woman right

If you’re lookin’ for a place in her heart

It ain’t gonna happen overnight

First, you gotta learn to listen

To understand her deepest thoughts

She needs to know you can be friends

Before she’ll give you all she’s got

If you start from the heart

You’ll see love is gonna play its part

If you want to get to know her

Really get inside her mind

If you want to move in closer

Take it slow, yeah take your time

You must start from the heart and then

If you want to touch her

Really want to touch her

If you want to touch her, ask

A little physical attraction

Romantic, old-fashioned charm

And a lot of love and tenderness

Is gonna get you into her arms”

If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask!

Song by Shania Twain

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