Still there..

We wake up and everything feels so normal to some that we sometimes forget the chaos that is currently in the world. There are some who are still able to go to work because they have “essential jobs. Some daycare are still open and many are still able to go outside for a walk and even to the grocery store without any issues. We take the precautionary measures we hear are necessary but sometimes we ask ourselves if this is really necessary. Everything seems normal, at least on our end. Everyone is healthy and no one you know is directly affected. So, you start to think maybe it’s not so bad. “What’s the worse thing that can happen?” You ask yourself. You start to get less and less cautious thinking you’ve got this under control. But let me stop you right there!

DO NOT think because your life may still be normal right now mean it will remain that way without being careful. DO NOT think because no one you know is directing affected right now mean thousands are not currently suffering. Everything was normal for them too just before their lives were abruptly changed. DO NOT take your peace for granted and risk your loved ones getting exposed. Health can change in the blink of an eye. DO wash your hands, DO sanitized and clean frequently. STILL take your vitamins. Stay home unless you absolutely need to go outside. DO keep your kids home even if they are driving you crazy. It’s better for them to do that than for you to watch them fight for their lives.

This virus is SERIOUS. It can KILL. Don’t compare it to other diseases. Take it for what it is, a threat to us all. No one is exempt for certain. Do everything in your power to keep your family safe. It is better to be overly protective than not doing enough. Take this time to work on goals. Take up a new hobby. Start a new tradition. The more we try to enjoy our time, the quicker it will go by. Be safe. Take it easy and do your part to help health the world. ❤️

The pandemic

Let me tell you about the pending pandemic that’s about to strike our land. It’s been a few weeks now since the news fill our lives have started to change. Our jobs, future, savings, children’s education, and health are all at stake. Everything is changing in a daily basis. Sometimes hourly. And we don’t know for sure when it’ll all end. People are scared. Many are scrambling around trying to figure things out. Students and adults are homeless. Not because they are careless, but because some they were working on their future. Some had jobs that didn’t require them to have a “home” per say. They had dorm rooms and crash pads. Now with a sudden loss on job and financial stability many are displaced. In addition, the country is now facing a huge health pandemic. The healthcare system is collapsing before our very eyes. So many are sick and depending. So many of died with no funeral dates set. Birthday celebrations are on hold, weddings and graduations have been cancelled. Babies can’t get the check up they needs. Seniors are being abandoned. It’s a true test of community and unity.

Despite warnings stating there’s no need to panic on the news. Things seem rather different out here in the real world. People are scrambling to find and store food for the wave of disaster that’s about to it. Government organizations are closing down without notifying the public. People are in panic mode and they have every right to be. No one knows when schools will really be opened. Or when those who got laid off will return to work or if they will. We are on the brink of a recession. Talk about roaring twenties uh? Many are saying conspiracy theories. Some are stating biblical claims. No one knows for certain. But what we do know is this. Things are indefinitely changing. Nothing will ever be the safe again. Now is the time to start making different plans about the future. To unite as family and friends. To check on your neighbors and elderly. To be kind. Practice patience, manners, and to be grateful for the little things. Put your pride away and focus on survival. Don’t hoard, share. Exchange goods and services to help each other out. Be vigilant. Pay attention. Read, learn, and prepare. Take necessary precautions to keep yourself and your family safe and ok. And don’t ever think you know what’s coming next because no one does. All we can do is hope, pray, and love. ❤️