Good morning beautiful people. As the holiday draws closer the word anxiety seems to be the list. Anxiety from many different things such as work, travels, providing for our family, health. Etc. Whatever it is that you got you worried try not to stress. Today’s reminder to you all is to peace.

Peace to trust that everything will work out ok. Peace to know you are doing your best in whatever situation you are in and that is enough. An anxious mind and a worried heart bring nothing but frustration and chaos. So, as we set the tone in our households and at work let us first set it in our minds and our hearts by giving ourselves some much-needed peace of mind.

You can’t give what you don’t have and the people we encounter on the daily draw from our energy. Let us radiate nothing but good vibes and positive thoughts. Have a good day y’all. Be blessed and stress less.

Don’t give up!

I stood in the kitchen fixing my morning breakfast and suddenly the words to this song that I LOVE popped up in my mind. For those who don’t know me, music speaks volumes to my soul. Its how I get my inspiration. If you ever want to know what mood I’m in just pay attention to what I’m listening to. Anyways, as the lyrics play out in my mind my purpose instantly became clear. Now I don’t know about anybody else.. but as for me. I’ve already decided that 2020 is going to be my year. Radical changes are going to happen in MY life because I plan on making them happen. I had some plans that I’ve already started working on in 2019 that I’m planning on finishing in 2020. I call it vision 2020 🙌🏾😍
The reason I’m so hyped about this song is this. I’ve been trying to rearrange some stuff around to fit my dreams into my life. Because it came clear to be in 2019 that I have to be the one to create the life I want to live. And as a woman, a mother, an employee, and now a wife. My roles and responsibilities are tremendously high. And it can be hard at times to keep those dreams alive and act on them. However, I’ve decided that this year I’m going to make time to have my dreams come to life. Because my dreams are not just about me. They are about my daughter, my nieces, my nephews, my sisters, my friends, and everyone who I come in contact with. They are a legacy waiting to be birth. And it’s time I birth them. This post isn’t me bragging about my plans. This post is me challenging EVERYONE reading this to do the same. BIRTH your dreams. Make time to fulfill your calling. You never know who might be watching you and following in your footsteps. Make 2020 be YOUR vision year also!!! You can do it!!! Go back to school, lose the weight, start that new job, open your business, write a book. Whatever plans you had on the back burner, bring them forward, Now!!!! 🗣🗣🗣
Now I’m going to tag some of my go-getters. And y’all can tag your go-getters. Let’s end 2019 with lots of hope and let’s own 2020!!
Before I go let me share these lyrics with y’all cause I feel like they the bomb. Enjoy! And be blessed!! 🤗
“Visions that can change the world
Trapped inside an ordinary girl
She looks just like me
Too afraid to dream out loud
… And though it’s set for your idea
It won’t make sense to everybody
You need courage now
If you’re going to persevere
… To fulfill your divine purpose
You’ve gotta answer when you’re called
So don’t be afraid to face the world
Against all odds
… Keep the dream alive don’t let it die if something deep inside
Keeps inspiring you to try, don’t stop
And never give up; don’t ever give up on you
Don’t give up”
Yolanda Adams never_give_up✊🏽

Hold up ✋🏽 wait a minute 🚫

Excuse me let me brag a minute on God!!! for about a year now I’ve been STRUGGLING at my job. And I mean STRUGGLE. Don’t get me wrong, I do what I need to do and I’m pretty good at my job. At least so I’ve been told. However, I don’t FEEEL IT! A little background on me. I do stuff from the heart. If it’s not fulfilling to my soul and my spirit I don’t care to do it. Anyways, I found myself in the field that I am in through God! And I say this because I would have not given it a second thought. I had a one-track mind to Clinical Psychology until God gave me a detour. More on that another time. Anyways, my first year in this field, ABA, was good. And for those who don’t know what ABA means it means Applied Behavior Analysis. I do one on one therapy sessions with children on the Autism spectrum. This means I deal with a lot of maladaptive or problematic behaviors that impede learning or everyday task. I deal with things like kicking, screaming, spitting, biting, headbanging, etc on a daily basis. And if you have never dealt with any of this, let me be the first to tell you it can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

Currently, I’m two years in approaching the 3rd and I’ve been completely checked out. I’ve been doing it and doing a good job. But have not been FEELING it! The joy and spark I once had id now gone. My heart has not been in it. And if there is one thing I pride myself on is fulfillment. If my heart is not involved then my passion and drive to do something is non existent. I have lost my sense of purpose and have been on cruise control this entire year. I have been experiencing quite a bit of turbulence but it never occurred to me to pull over and check the engine light of my heart until now. And had I not pull over I would have never realized I was running on E this entire time. Luckily for me, Jesus himself was at my pit stop and gave me a beautiful reminder of just how great and wonderful he is. And no matter how far we drift he is ALWAYS willing to meet us wherever and whenever we need him. Let me explain to you just how he showed up and showed out for me.

I was at work in my office with my morning client. He seems to be having a rough day. He’s been having a bit of a rough time for a couple of weeks now and my supervisor and I have been brainstorming ideas back and forth on how best to handle this. Today out of nowhere my perspective just SHIFTED. Ideas started to flow to me. My anxiety about the situation became so light to the point of nonexistent. I looked out my office window at the sky and allowed the brightness of it to radiate in my soul. And that’s when I realize that I haven’t just checked out in my job. But I checked out in every area of my life.

See, a year ago I started this journey. It’s titled “my year off from God” bold uh? Yeah. And before you start to judge let me just stop you and tell you this. It is MY journey. I had questions and I needed answers. Often times we have doubts and questions and are too afraid to find out. Well, I wanted to really test my faith so I decided to live life a year without totally depending on God and see what would happen. As a result, I prayed less, seldom read my bible and attend church. My relationship with him was not as strong. And life taught me all the lessons it wanted to. Want to know what I found out? That my joy, my happiness, my strength, my resilience, and my peace ALL comes from HIM. I am ABSOLUTELY NOTHING without his grace and mercy. The peace that surpasses all understanding only comes when I’m close to him. And when I am not I am nothing but an ordinary girl. And not a nice one at that. I was grumpy, I was mean and selfish. But with him, I am so much more. I am considerate, gentle, kind, loving, and pleasant to be around.

As I stood in my office. I started to look at my client differently. My mindset instantly shifted from ”listen to me and do as I say” to ”how best can I help you understand?” I was suddenly more patient and understanding. And I remembered the reason I stayed in this field is to help others the way he’s been helping me. To extend the same grace, love, forgiveness, patience, and compassion he was giving me all these years. My gratitude immediately returned. I felt blessed to be able to influence and change the lives of these individuals I came across. I felt like a vessel once again. And that’s when I knew my year off was completed.

Back track to few weeks when I had started praying and reading my Bible. And it was a little under two days ago I woke up with a task. I felt burdened. I got up and I prayed. I prayed for the things that were on my heart at the time. And I also prayed for things I knew not about. That prayer allowed him to fix all the things I never thought to think about like my job, my clients, my ways, my perspective. And that is the kind of God we serve. He answers your desires and then some. So, today I leave you with this. Trust in him with all YOUR heart and lean NOT to your own understanding because at any given time he might stop by with a grand surprise that will leave you in pure bliss.

Love not nails

Sometimes we worry more about our Christian image than we do people. We don’t want to talk to that person because they look, talk, and believe different than you. They don’t dress the same. They may cuss a little. And we act as though we will be unequally yolked if we associate with them. Let me clear something up. Jesus had to be unequally yolked to save us. Don’t you ever forget where you were when the grace found you. Not everyone that needs to hear the word will be found in the church or a bible study meeting. They will be in the club, they will be on the corner. They will cuss. They will look differently and that’s ok. Jesus died for ALL of us. And this doesn’t give us a free pass to go around condemning people and telling them what we think they ought to do and believe. We are called to love them. You let the Holy Spirit do the conviction. Pray, love, carry on.

You see 20 I see a miracle

It might seem like an ordinary $20 bill to you, but really, this is the hand of God! Let’s explore the story behind the magic 20!

Struggling single mom at rock bottom. Just started working. No paycheck yet. Daycare bill due, babysitter needs to be paid. Baby needs diapers and wipes! Child support came in but only to get taken out because of overdrawn account. Why is there babysitter and a daycare? Because this mom needs to work two jobs to try and catch up. With mom in training and no cash coming in. The car she gets to borrow suddenly needs gas. With a very important doctor’s appointment early in the morning,, the car is on yellow. Oops, the gas light is on. What will she do? A trusted friend, one she says nothing to called her aside as they hand the keys over to her. “Here you will need money for gas”. So shocked by the gesture she whispered a prayer. How did they know? Was it all a big guess or was God in the middle of this very awful test? Now, mom can bring the child to the doctor’s appointment and make it work until Friday ( first payday). To God be the glory, great things he hath done.

The stigma behind single parents is often so subtle. We turn our eye on the single mom of three in the store swiping her ent card ( food stamp). We don’t know her story, but we still start to judge. Or what about the one outside having a cigarette? How dare her smoke when her kids need a coke… But little do we know she’s been trying so hard, and so many doors keep closing on her. That cigarette she’s smoking is the one last straw between keeping it together and losing her sanity. Everyone has unhealthy coping mechanisms, but why is it so easy to judge the ones that are already at the bottom? And why should you care? You didn’t get her pregnant. She should have known to get married and choose someone more suitable. Because people never change and marriage is such a guarantee that everything will be peachy fine. The truth is we don’t know her story and never stopped to listen. And I can bet you she doesn’t need your pity only your respect and sometimes a little help. Children are the future and if your child so instead of judging their parents, give a helping hand if possible. It’s the little things we do that make this world a better place. You don’t have to pay their rent or buy them a car to be of huge help to someone. The smallest of gestures often lead to the biggest impacts in our lives.

The trip with a view.

Man… I just woke up feeling so damn grateful! I got home last night singing praises because of how awesome he truly is. I went into that hospital as calm as can be. Yes, our procedure was serious and urgent. But as I walked those halls I got a chance to take a quick glimpse into a couple of rooms. I see little babies being pumped. Hooked up to so many machines. I see kids feeling so sad and hopeless because they’ve been there so long with no end in sight. I see teenagers confined to their rooms because of serious contamination issues. Mothers sleeping in cribs. Fathers making breakfast in a tiny kitchen that they now call home. I realize that even though I was there for what seems like forever, there are some that will remain way longer. I’ve heard conversations about the financial burden. I’ve seen the tears of parents in despair and how hard nurses try to help patients feel comfortable. It’s a whole different world inside those walls.

As I complain about the overly healthy food I realize that there are very sick individuals whose very life and nourishment require nothing but the healthiest food. And I was able to appreciate the fact that even though it’s healthy they made it kid-friendly, with choices like chicken fingers, Mac n cheese, even some pizza and whole lots of dessert.

To the volunteers who devote their time to helping parents and patients. Whether it’s music therapy for a cranky toddler or a child life specialist who watches your kid so you can talk to the doctors or even the family resource center who puts on free massages and yoga. Yes, massage, yoga, even Zumba. And get this, they offer free parking passes to income eligible family. You do pay a service fee of $5 if you do valet but that’s beyond fair.

To the patient who wants to make the nurses life a living hell, please don’t. They are human just like you. No, they don’t get pleasure out of coming into your room at 3 in the morning to do your vitals. They are simply trying to do their job. Check with your doc if you feel Checking every 4 hours is not necessary and do not try to take it out on your nurse. They work long hours dealing with people going through many different things. Some become friends. They quickly fall in love with a patient only to never hear or see from them again. They are the ones helping you to take a bath or getting you new blankets. Appreciate and say thank you. Don’t forget your manners because you are going through a lot. Many are too.

And to the Mom that thinks it’s oh so necessary to yell at the staff because they aren’t going “fast” enough, hear me out, stop, breathe, reconsider. We all have the same goal, to get out and get on with our lives. Yelling doesn’t speed that up, trust me.

If you can volunteer or donate to a local hospital near you please do so. Even if that means writing cute little encouraging notes to the nurses and doctors. A little thoughtfulness goes a very long way. Be blessed and keep sweet.

My life is in your hands

My life is in your hands…

On my way to work, this song popped up in my heart. Side note: I get lots of my inspirations and revelations through music and quotes. I always try to find the underlying message. So, as I sat there listening and giving in to this song. Just in a state of worship and gratefulness. The words spoke to me so clearly “with Jesus I can make it, with him I know I can stand.” “No matter what may come my way, My life is in his hands.”

Just a week ago. Not even, a couple days to be exact. I felt like giving up. Everything around me was crumbling down. At least that’s how I saw it. As humans when things don’t go our way we immediately start to lose faith. We start doubting and questioning God. It’s normal to worry and panic long as don’t give in to it. Remember that life and death lie in the power of your tongue. So you better start speaking life over death and victory over defeat or you will reap what you put out.

Anyways, back to this. So, in my world, nothing was working. I hated my job. My passion had gone and I’ve been searching for a new one but to no avail. I had promised myself two things in the work field; never work for a paycheck and always work from the heart. So when I tell you I was miserable and uncomfortable in my own skin that would be an understatement. And you know how people always say that God makes you uncomfortable when he wants you to grow/ change? Mmmm. Anyways, I’ve searched my fingers off. God himself has been closing all the doors. I didn’t understand why and it was honestly starting to get on my nerves. I’m naturally a doer so if I don’t like or agree with something I’m going to do something about it. So that’s what I was doing. But who said God wanted me to do anything? Did I ask him? Not really. I just assumed I was supposed to. You know, free will and all. Yeah, well that wasn’t working at all. Being a single mom I couldn’t just quit. I wish I could. The bills need to be paid so I had to keep on working. Let me take this opportunity to give a big shout out to all you hard working men and women who show up day to day and do what needs to be done. The discipline it takes is tremendous. I see you, I feel you, I respect you!

Okay, so, it is now Thursday. I just got a call from a job I interviewed with over 3 weeks ago. At this point, I had contacted them numerous times with no response so imagine my surprise. The message said if I was still interested in the position I was to give them a call back with my expected start date. I was speechless.

But let me back up to earlier that morning so you get the full picture. I woke up very frustrated. I had no desire to go to work. I was simply doing it because I had no choice. I woke up that morning and I said angrily to God “if you care at all to help me that would be cool, if not it’s okay but I’m done trying to figure it out. ” And on that note, I got ready and left. I had an okay day. So after work when I heard that message I was baffled. Let me translate what happened. I decided to leave it alone and I invited God in instead. Didn’t sound like it because I was humming hymns and quoting scriptures, but trust me when I tell you that when we get desperate with God and submit, angrily or not. He hears he knows, he understands and he will step in.

I went home and I returned the call. I told them I could start the following Monday. The guy said that may be too soon, but he will check with his wife. Two hours later he called me back to say his wife approved and would love it if I could start Monday. Fast forward 4 days later I realize how mysterious God is. He knew very well I was at my breaking point. But why did he take so long?? Because that’s how long it took me to surrender. But when they say those who sow in tears will reap in joy. That is the whole truth. Let me tell you about the new job.

It is closer to me. Literally five minutes away from my home and my daughter’s daycare. I would earn $4 more than what I was getting, and the hours and flexibility was unmatched. The staff is like family. The atmosphere is relaxed and positive. There are many other benefits I could list but I’ll stop there to say this. Sometimes we have to go through some bad so we can appreciate and recognize the blessings that are to come. Every day I  go to work in awe and they may not understand why. But when you have got your soul sucked out of you and you get an overflow in blessing you better be grateful. Just don’t wait until you are about to lose your mind before you surrender it to him. Don’t be like me. He cares and he desperately wants to help you.

Now… Listen to the lyrics again from a renewed perspective and feel free to check out the complete song below.  Don’t be afraid to share your very own testimony below. Be blessed.. Until next time.

When all your friends and loved ones are nowhere to be found remember there’s a friend in Jesus that will wipe your tears away.. all you have to do is lift your hands and say lord I know that I can make it. I know that I can stand. No matter WHAT may come my way. My life is in your hands.

Link to the song.