My life is in your hands

My life is in your hands…

On my way to work, this song popped up in my heart. Side note: I get lots of my inspirations and revelations through music and quotes. I always try to find the underlying message. So, as I sat there listening and giving in to this song. Just in a state of worship and gratefulness. The words spoke to me so clearly “with Jesus I can make it, with him I know I can stand.” “No matter what may come my way, My life is in his hands.”

Just a week ago. Not even, a couple days to be exact. I felt like giving up. Everything around me was crumbling down. At least that’s how I saw it. As humans when things don’t go our way we immediately start to lose faith. We start doubting and questioning God. It’s normal to worry and panic long as don’t give in to it. Remember that life and death lie in the power of your tongue. So you better start speaking life over death and victory over defeat or you will reap what you put out.

Anyways, back to this. So, in my world, nothing was working. I hated my job. My passion had gone and I’ve been searching for a new one but to no avail. I had promised myself two things in the work field; never work for a paycheck and always work from the heart. So when I tell you I was miserable and uncomfortable in my own skin that would be an understatement. And you know how people always say that God makes you uncomfortable when he wants you to grow/ change? Mmmm. Anyways, I’ve searched my fingers off. God himself has been closing all the doors. I didn’t understand why and it was honestly starting to get on my nerves. I’m naturally a doer so if I don’t like or agree with something I’m going to do something about it. So that’s what I was doing. But who said God wanted me to do anything? Did I ask him? Not really. I just assumed I was supposed to. You know, free will and all. Yeah, well that wasn’t working at all. Being a single mom I couldn’t just quit. I wish I could. The bills need to be paid so I had to keep on working. Let me take this opportunity to give a big shout out to all you hard working men and women who show up day to day and do what needs to be done. The discipline it takes is tremendous. I see you, I feel you, I respect you!

Okay, so, it is now Thursday. I just got a call from a job I interviewed with over 3 weeks ago. At this point, I had contacted them numerous times with no response so imagine my surprise. The message said if I was still interested in the position I was to give them a call back with my expected start date. I was speechless.

But let me back up to earlier that morning so you get the full picture. I woke up very frustrated. I had no desire to go to work. I was simply doing it because I had no choice. I woke up that morning and I said angrily to God “if you care at all to help me that would be cool, if not it’s okay but I’m done trying to figure it out. ” And on that note, I got ready and left. I had an okay day. So after work when I heard that message I was baffled. Let me translate what happened. I decided to leave it alone and I invited God in instead. Didn’t sound like it because I was humming hymns and quoting scriptures, but trust me when I tell you that when we get desperate with God and submit, angrily or not. He hears he knows, he understands and he will step in.

I went home and I returned the call. I told them I could start the following Monday. The guy said that may be too soon, but he will check with his wife. Two hours later he called me back to say his wife approved and would love it if I could start Monday. Fast forward 4 days later I realize how mysterious God is. He knew very well I was at my breaking point. But why did he take so long?? Because that’s how long it took me to surrender. But when they say those who sow in tears will reap in joy. That is the whole truth. Let me tell you about the new job.

It is closer to me. Literally five minutes away from my home and my daughter’s daycare. I would earn $4 more than what I was getting, and the hours and flexibility was unmatched. The staff is like family. The atmosphere is relaxed and positive. There are many other benefits I could list but I’ll stop there to say this. Sometimes we have to go through some bad so we can appreciate and recognize the blessings that are to come. Every day I  go to work in awe and they may not understand why. But when you have got your soul sucked out of you and you get an overflow in blessing you better be grateful. Just don’t wait until you are about to lose your mind before you surrender it to him. Don’t be like me. He cares and he desperately wants to help you.

Now… Listen to the lyrics again from a renewed perspective and feel free to check out the complete song below.  Don’t be afraid to share your very own testimony below. Be blessed.. Until next time.

When all your friends and loved ones are nowhere to be found remember there’s a friend in Jesus that will wipe your tears away.. all you have to do is lift your hands and say lord I know that I can make it. I know that I can stand. No matter WHAT may come my way. My life is in your hands.

Link to the song.