The trip with a view.

Man… I just woke up feeling so damn grateful! I got home last night singing praises because of how awesome he truly is. I went into that hospital as calm as can be. Yes, our procedure was serious and urgent. But as I walked those halls I got a chance to take a quick glimpse into a couple of rooms. I see little babies being pumped. Hooked up to so many machines. I see kids feeling so sad and hopeless because they’ve been there so long with no end in sight. I see teenagers confined to their rooms because of serious contamination issues. Mothers sleeping in cribs. Fathers making breakfast in a tiny kitchen that they now call home. I realize that even though I was there for what seems like forever, there are some that will remain way longer. I’ve heard conversations about the financial burden. I’ve seen the tears of parents in despair and how hard nurses try to help patients feel comfortable. It’s a whole different world inside those walls.

As I complain about the overly healthy food I realize that there are very sick individuals whose very life and nourishment require nothing but the healthiest food. And I was able to appreciate the fact that even though it’s healthy they made it kid-friendly, with choices like chicken fingers, Mac n cheese, even some pizza and whole lots of dessert.

To the volunteers who devote their time to helping parents and patients. Whether it’s music therapy for a cranky toddler or a child life specialist who watches your kid so you can talk to the doctors or even the family resource center who puts on free massages and yoga. Yes, massage, yoga, even Zumba. And get this, they offer free parking passes to income eligible family. You do pay a service fee of $5 if you do valet but that’s beyond fair.

To the patient who wants to make the nurses life a living hell, please don’t. They are human just like you. No, they don’t get pleasure out of coming into your room at 3 in the morning to do your vitals. They are simply trying to do their job. Check with your doc if you feel Checking every 4 hours is not necessary and do not try to take it out on your nurse. They work long hours dealing with people going through many different things. Some become friends. They quickly fall in love with a patient only to never hear or see from them again. They are the ones helping you to take a bath or getting you new blankets. Appreciate and say thank you. Don’t forget your manners because you are going through a lot. Many are too.

And to the Mom that thinks it’s oh so necessary to yell at the staff because they aren’t going “fast” enough, hear me out, stop, breathe, reconsider. We all have the same goal, to get out and get on with our lives. Yelling doesn’t speed that up, trust me.

If you can volunteer or donate to a local hospital near you please do so. Even if that means writing cute little encouraging notes to the nurses and doctors. A little thoughtfulness goes a very long way. Be blessed and keep sweet.