Letting go

Letting go seems to be the hardest thing for us to do and for good reasons, sometimes. I was listening to this song and the lyrics said “we slipping to edge holding on to something we don’t need. All this delusion in our heads is gonna bring us to our knees” And I thought wow! That’s so true. How many times do we hold on to what if’s? Maybes? Potential that’s not even there? We make plans with people and we become so attached to them. They become apart of us. Our hopes, our dreams, our future. Our very existence now becomes an extension of this. So when it gets shattered or even a little bit threaten we freeze. We ponder, we hope, we try, but we never let go. We hold dare to the idea, the thought, the slightest bit of anything that somehow one day we can still have that. We cling to situations and people that are no longer serving us any good. We tell ourselves that we must fight and stick it out. We search the Internet for the perfect meme, perfect song, perfect movie series that relates best to us and we use that to build up our fantasies once more. We numb our gut feelings, we ignore the signs, we close our ears to the advice of those who can see things for what they really are and we think we got it all figured out when in truth all we need to do is let go. Try something new. Make a new dream, date a new person and start a new fantasy. Letting go is definitely hard. But letting go is something we all must learn to do more often. Whether it’s a bad idea that just shouldn’t be, a toxic relationship, a bad habit or an old car. Let it go and see what comes next. I promise you the scariest part is already over as soon as you do and you will immediately feel 10 times lighter and happier. Listen to some music, clear your head, take a walk, but do it anyways! Remember that your comfort zone is not your friend. Much love!!

Check out the song: James Bay, Let it go