How to turn your lemons into lemonade

So many people talk about when life hands you lemons you make lemonade.. well, nobody talks about how you go about doing that. So let’s get real frank about it. Life’s a bitch. Straight up. And there’s no clear pattern to it either. Sometimes it’s you, the choices you make. Karma, luck, destiny, whatever it is you call it. And sometimes it’s not. Sometimes things happen for no good rhyme or reason. I strongly believe that.

Now.. when things happen you just have to make the very best of it. Ain’t no way around it. And that’s honestly where the make lemonade from lemons cliche boils down to. You can sit and wallow in all your what ifs but I can guarantee you that won’t change the situation. The only thing you can change is how you deal with it. You can be as happy or as sad as you want just from your perspective alone. Every situation as an upside. You just have to find it. And it doesn’t have to be something big. For example, somebody breaks your heart and I know I know it sucksss. You want to cry for months. Your whole life is over and you can’t breathe. Been there. Now you can stay in your room cry, lose weight from not eating, isolate yourself and the full works. Or… you can look at the fact that you were able to love. Which means you can do it again. Will it be easy? Heck no! But if that’s what you want then don’t give up on it. Now there’s nothing wrong with having a good cry and taking the time to process and heal. Just don’t sit and pity yourself forever. Find the positive no matter how small or difficult it is to find and then make it work. Make your lemonade. That’s it. Now, this does require daily practice so start by finding one good thing out of your day every day and slowly you’ll get there. And before you know it you’ll have a while lemonade stash. 😉